We’re Now at Knoxville’s Downtown Wednesday Market!

2018 is off to a great start at Buffalo Trail Orchard! The blueberries and blackberries have all been picked, and the apples are starting to come in. We’ve currently got Zestar and Williams Pride in the cooler at the farm and for sale at Jonesborough and Knoxville Farmer’s Wednesday markets.

Here we are at the Knoxville market last week with the last of our blueberries! We’re excited for the apple season, and we hope to see you all out at the farm!



Blueberries and Blackberries!

PYO blueberries are available starting on Saturday June 23 at Buffalo Trail Orchard. The PYO schedule for both blueberries and blackberries is Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 -12:00. PYO blueberries are $12 per gallon and $24 per gallon pre-picked. PYO blackberries are $10 per. gallon and $16 per gallon pre-picked.

To place an order for pre-picked berries please call (423) 639-2297 and leave a message. Thank you!

We’ve still got some Apples and Pumpkins!

Thank you to everyone that came out and picked some apples or pumpkins in October! This was our best PYO season to date and we really appreciate your business.

PInk Lady, Goldrush, Fuji, MUTSU, Braeburn, Enterprise, and Yellow Delicious apples are still in good supply in our Apple Barn. Apples are priced as follows: 1/2 peck – $5; peck – $9; 1/2 bushel – $15; and bushel – $22.

We have a limited supply of blemished apples that would be good for sauce or pies (Jonagold, Cameo, MUTSU, etc) at $14 per bushel and small deer/horse apples at $0.30 per lb.

Please call (423) 639-2297 and leave us a message if you want bushel quantities of any of the apples.

A good selection of squash and pumpkins are also available for your holiday meal plans as well as a wide assortment of jams/jellies and butters.

Summer Fruits

Peak blueberry season goes through the month of July. Upick price is $12/gallon and prepicked orders are $24/gallon.

We have a limited supply of peaches this year. Five pound bags are in the farm store cooler for $7 when available. Call the store #423-639-2297 for current availability and to order a larger quantity.

Sweet corn will be picked and ready July 15th. The cost is $4 for a baker’s dozen.

The William’s Pride apple should be ripe by July 22 and will be available in the farm store.

Thank you for a great year with the blackberry crop.

Picking berries

The blackberries are beautiful and ready to pick. It is a short season for blackberries, they usually last a little more than three weeks. So let’s get to picking those berries.

Pick your own price is $10 per gallon and $16 for prepicked blackberries.

The first two varieties of blueberries are also ready to pick. We have several varieties of blueberries and will have those available till late July.

Pick your own price is $12 per gallon and $24 for prepicked blueberries.

The berry picking will be “self serve” part of the time this year. The instructions are on a sign outside the farm store and payment should be left inside the store as instructed on the sign. Please have the correct change.

Prepicked berry orders can be made by leaving a message on the store phone 423-639-2297. Please leave the type of berry, quantity, and your preferred pick up time in the message. We will call you back to confirm the order.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you at the orchard.


We are ready for 2016

The orchard and berry patch are looking great for the 2016 harvest. Phil and Tigger Cat have put in many hours of labor getting the trees, vines, and bushes pruned and in good shape to bear fruit this season.

We expect the blackberries to be ready to pick in early June. Phil tries to have his first corn ready by our July 4th picnics. Blueberries are a July crop along with peaches. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the cold does not kill the peach crop. They are the most fragile or cold sensitive of our fruits.

The William’s Pride is our first apple to ripen in late July. We have seventeen apple varieties and something is ripening all the way to frost in late October.


Thanks for a great 2015!

This will be the last weekend that the pumpkin patch will be open and that we’ll be having hay rides. Happy Halloween!!

2015 has been another great year here at Buffalo Trail Orchard. We’ve enjoyed interacting with all our wonderful customers here at the farm, and at the Jonesborough, Greeneville, and Johnson City farmer’s markets!

You can give us a call if you’re still looking for apples (we’ve still got a couple of varieties) or any of the handmade goods like jams, jellies apple butter, etc. that we prepare here at the farm.

See ya’ll in 2016!