Picking berries

The blackberries are beautiful and ready to pick. It is a short season for blackberries, they usually last a little more than three weeks. So let’s get to picking those berries.

Pick your own price is $10 per gallon and $16 for prepicked blackberries.

The first two varieties of blueberries are also ready to pick. We have several varieties of blueberries and will have those available till late July.

Pick your own price is $12 per gallon and $24 for prepicked blueberries.

The berry picking will be “self serve” part of the time this year. The instructions are on a sign outside the farm store and payment should be left inside the store as instructed on the sign. Please have the correct change.

Prepicked berry orders can be made by leaving a message on the store phone 423-639-2297. Please leave the type of berry, quantity, and your preferred pick up time in the message. We will call you back to confirm the order.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you at the orchard.



    1. Hi Ann,

      I try to keep the facebook page updated with the latest picking information (you can see our facebook posts on the website as well as on facebook). In addition, if you call the phone # on the contact page ((423) 639-2297), we can provide the information or the voicemail will generally have the information. Give us a call!


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